blindspot  (noun)

  1.  An area that is not able to be seen.

  2.  An aspect of something often missed; unknown or uncertain.

  3.  A digital marketing concierge partner connecting elite products and services with superior customers.

How Blindspot drives uncommon results:

We Listen

Blindspot listens to you, to your audience, and to the unique value you bring.  Then we listen to the data, to what’s working and what’s not.  We ‘re listening to industry best practices, and to billions of social comments and posts.

We Target

We target the right laser-focused audience for your brand, and in the right online places.  Then we target the best tested content, in the right media, with the right spend, on the social and digital platforms your customers are using.  

We Connect

We connect your story and value to qualified customers. Then Blindspot connects customer interest back to you and your business.  We tie together the right ambassadors, the right technologies, and the right strategy.

What can Blindspot do for you?

Grow Through Analytics
Before launching, let’s review what the data says about your traffic, your social presence, your industry.  

Then after “go live” we put eagle eyes on real-time visibility into the metrics that matter.  Blindspot finds analytics trends driving action and advocacy.

Track the Customer Journey
Blindspot starts with an in-depth 360 review of you, your business, your target, and what makes you unique.
As your audience engages, our team and toolkit tracks and guides their step-by-step path toward qualified lead, customer, and champion.
Optimize Digital Spend
We start with great content and test different formats, times, targets, as well as ad-buying techniques and platforms.

Blindspot continually finds better combinations to connect with your audience – so we can make every dollar go even further tomorrow.

Drive Content Strategy
Campaigns are like a symphony.  Blindspot works with members across your team, weaving together the right tools and instruments in creating content themes.  Then we set the pace with a common purpose – to resonate with your audience.
Create Real-Time Content
Each business, brand need, and even online moment is different.  And the best time to connect?  Now.

By watching the horizon for milestones and industry changes, we pounce on the right content to capture the right moments for your audience.

Hear the Pulse of Social
What are people saying today about your brand or industry?  Our team and tools tap into the evolving discussion across millions of social sites, blogs, forums, and more.  Let your audience tell us what matters – and even jump into the conversation.

What’s your Blindspot?

Let’s see if we’re a fit.

At your service.

Jason Byrne

Managing Partner

Leveraging my 17 years of leadership roles in Customer Experience and Digital Marketing with one of the top 5 Global Consumer Packaged Goods companies, I seek to identify ways for best-in-class businesses to harness the power of digital to drive visibility for their brand and to maximize ROI on Marketing spend.

Once it is determined that we are a fit for your business, I will lead the development and execution of a strategy custom tailored to your goals with easily measured performance indicators.

Jay Huelsing

Business Development

It has always been my personal goal to connect companies and brands to the right partners and technology solutions to launch their growth and establish lasting relationships.  A perfect fit for the mission of Blindspot.

When you call, email, or leave us a message, you and I will begin discussing whether or not our businesses are a fit to add value to each other. I fully understand that not all prospects will be a fit for our approach, but look forward to seeing what opportunities exist for you.

And a dedicated team of “all in” passionate professionals making digital marketing work for you