It started with an idea.

After being in the Fortune 100 world and seeing what money and social media combined can accomplish – while recognizing that level of money isn’t necessary – we wanted to bring top-tier strategy and tools available to billion-dollar brands and make them available to mid-market businesses.

Now Blindspot creates more opportunities for elite brands.  And we do so with the personal touch of a true partnership.

Your success is our success.

What makes Blindspot different?

We bring a concierge level of customer service.   We choose brands we believe in. We show up with genuine care and concern for each partner’s long-term success.  Plus with our experience driving visibility for big brands, we see a wide landscape of options and work together to find the tools right for each unique goal.

Connecting top-tier partners.

Time for A Change

Blindspot is evolving toward becoming a trusted partner for a tightly-held group of elite small-to-medium businesses.  We look for those we feel are highly-regarded brands and services within their fields.  Then we  look for the right fit for our services: boutique and innovative digital advertising approaches to better connect with the modern consumer.

Meet the Team

Jason Byrne

Managing Partner

Social Ninja with an entrepreneurial itch. After working in corporate America for 17+ years and launching global best practices related to Social Listening, Social Media Management, and Digital Analytics, Jason let the itch take over and decided that his experience and knowledge needed to be shared with other businesses to spark their growth. A lifelong resident of South St. Louis County with a beautiful wife and three sons, a St. John Vianney Alum, and one of the first graduates from Maryville University with an E-marketing degree.

Steve Burchett

Chief Storyteller

A CX/UX champion always driving toward the next level of excellence. Steve managed business integration and process improvement projects for 12 companies. He's led customer service seminars on 3 continents. And built a digital analytics and strategy team for multiple billion dollar brands. ``The Captain`` is also a proud father and travel wanderer who loves being on the water.

As a digital marketing concierge partner we’ll continually strive do what it takes to succeed together, including taking the road less traveled.