What can we expect?

After determining we’re a fit, Blindspot will listen to you by leading an in-depth 360 review of your business.  We dive into your target audience and profiles, we drive to understand you – your unique story and value.  Our 360 then scores your existing social spaces and digital doorways toward a smooth path for new customers to find you, learn about you, and take the next steps.

Then we plug your key essence into our team and tools and target vibrant digital content to the people most likely to become customers and advocates.

Next Blindspot will connect the right content to the your audience, on the right social or digital platform, at the right time to move beyond noise and into conversions.

Concierge Partner: The Difference

Your business changes.  The market changes.  Your customers change.  Technology changes.

So we listen, target, and connect again.  We talk with you about what you liked.  We scour the data on each step of the customer journey.

Each new cycle gives us a chance to refresh ideas, methods, mediums, and ultimately to keep your digital marketing relevant.

We’ll work with you to stay ahead of the curve, ahead of the competition, and driving wins for you and your brand.


And then? A few weeks or months after our initial launch together the cycle begins again at the next level.

Blindspot reviews digital reports to see what worked to drive visibility, interest, click-through, and ultimately sales.   What did your team like?  What resonated and drove conversations but maybe not action?

This fresh 360 review allows us to find patterns in the data to double-down on what’s working, and improve for even better success.


Based on the digital reports and our experience, we know more — so we do better with what’s working and try some fresh ideas for what, where, when, and who.

Together let’s create new content:  breath-taking video, imagery, audio, and copy.  Then we’ll look to target new key messages in new formats, possibly in a new medium to reach the key customer identified and clarified in the last round.


With the next round of content created, targeted, and ready to soar, we connect marketing dollars to conversions.

We connect with new audiences, or with the previous audiences where they want to be, when they are making decisions and taking action – and sharing the story of their experience.

Blindspot continues to improve the return on your investment with each new and evolved round of hyper-targeted digital connections.